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After seeing all the lovely projects the girls at Shanty2Chic have done using Rustoleum’s Heirloom White Spray Paint. I just had to check it out for myself! I’m more of a bright white gal, but I thought that the softer Heirloom White would be a great touch to add to my fall decor!

I also purchased some Ralph Lauren Glaze (tinted in Smoke) from Home Depot, as the Shanty girl’s suggest! (I also found that the Rustoleum spray paint is cheaper there than at Hobby Lobby- unless you have a coupon!- and Walmart)I had lots of fall decor that was ugly orange, yellow, brown and green. Well, ugly to me since I’m not a fan of traditional fall colors! They can be great in other people’s houses- just not mine!

Here’s some before pics of the stuff I painted with Heirloom White!

Cheapo looking plastic bowls

Silver candle sticks (don’t worry- not real silver!)
Cute but not my style Autumn and Harvest signs

Candle lamp my mom gave me a few years ago

I also painted a ceramic plate that was really ugly orange and green, some beaded candle garland and some mini pumpkins that I did not take before pics of!

Here are the after pics!

Much less cheapo looking “candy” bowls filled with candy
that doesn’t tempt us, but does tempt guests!
Autumn sign has some of the letters highlighted with Ralph Lauren Glaze.
(I’m still working on tweaking this space, not loving it yet.
I did have tea pots and teacups displayed here.)


Candle sticks and garland painted Heirloom White and brushed with glaze

Plate and candle lamp painted heirloom white, lamp brushed with glaze on the pop outs and trim.

Harvest sign painted Heirloom White and various letters and accents glazed,
mini orange pumpkins painted Heirloom White.

And here’s a look at how it all came together in decorating our dining room area for fall!



Funny that the tablecloth looks aqua! It’s really about the same color as the walls!

One thing I love about the details here, is a lot of them have meaning-things that were already there or that are newly placed!

  • The framed pictures are all pictures I took in NC- mostly Wilmington/Wrightsville beach area. One of my favorite places in the world!
  • The shelf was made by my grandfather who passed away many years ago.
  • The Joy sign was made by my sis-in-law and was our Christmas present last year from her and my bro.
  • The pillar candles and starfish are from our wedding.
  • The trifle bowl (with pinecones and real white pumpkin), china, and almost everything in the china hutch are wedding presents.
  • The candle on the hutch behind the candy bowls is an antique find that is a replica of a candle holder at the restaurant from our hotel on our honeymoon in Costa Rica.
  • The high chair shows off that we have a new addition in the family! Hehe!
  • The acorns are memories from Baby Girl’s first hike last week.
  • The pumpkins are from Baby Girl’s first trip to the pumpkin farm!

Here’s some closer pics to show you those details! You can also click on any of the pics above for a better view!






The other touches I added were the jute around the blue pillar candles, the scrapbook paper and/or ribbon around the candles, the vase of wheat, and wheat stalk stuck in the napkin rings.  Basically the only things that I bought were the pumpkins and gourds (the gourds I got free at the grocery store since I had coupons that “made” me money!), the spray paint, and the glaze, but those were really bought for another project I’ll show soon! My mom bought me the wheat at Publix, and it was only $2.99. I “shopped” my house for the ribbon, candles, scrapbook paper, and all the stuff I spray painted I’ve had for awhile.

This is definitely the happiest I’ve ever been with my fall decor! I am so happy that I discovered it is actually OK to not decorate in traditional fall colors! 🙂

I’m sharing my post at these parties! Visit the links below for more great fall decor ideas!



(Image from

I haven’t had coffee since December of ’09! *gasp!*

Yes, I gave up one of my very favorite things, but not of my own choice!

I was about a month pregnant, and just starting to get morning sickness.  I was drinking a cup of coffee every single morning, usually flavored with pumpkin spice creamer! I was also thoroughly enjoying a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, when my wallet could afford it! Yuuuummmm!!

I don’t know exactly how it happened, I just knew I could no longer drink it. It just didn’t taste good anymore!

Although I had already switched to decaf, for the sake of my little baby girl, it was probably a good thing I gave it up!!

Just this past week, fall has really started to creep in around here! It has been pretty cold in the mornings, and I couldn’t take it any longer!


(Picture from no17cherrytreelane)

I knew Pumpkin Spice was back at Starbucks, and on Saturday when I was up at 5am to drive to a friend’s house to have a yard sale with her, I gave in.

I’ve been wanting coffee again for awhile, but knew that I’d be “addicted” again if I gave in even once. So, instead I’ve enjoyed the occasional coke or sweet tea, but still mostly avoiding caffeine drinks.  Really, I probably should just stick with tea or coffee since those do have some nutritional value. Pretty sure there’s no reason to drink coke, except for the fact that it tastes goooooooood!

So, on a chilly 43 degree morning this past weekend, I caved. I sat in Starbucks drive through for at least 15 minutes, with only about 4 cars in front of me! I have no idea why it took so long, but that’s how bad I wanted it!

It was worth….every…sip!! I am weak!!

Fortunately, I think I can handle not splurging on Starbucks version too much! I plan to search out the coffee-mate creamer instead (hoping it is back in stores already!), and also to make lots of visits to see the kids I used to nanny for as their momma bought some of the Starbucks syrup online last year and will make me FREE lattes.  Decaf, please! At least for now!!

Ahhhh, one of my favorite tastes of fall! I think I decided to rejoin the coffee club, just in time!!