This blog is an attempt to sort out all the craziness in my head, whether or not anyone actually takes the time to read it! I’m a new mother, married to the man of my dreams for two years, and I’m full of ideas and plans that I sometimes need to actually get down on “paper” (or computer!) in order to actually follow through on them! I originally started this blog as a way to sort out my wedding ideas and share them with others- so if you take the time to read through my old posts, that’s about all you’ll find! Now, I’ve been married for awhile and just had baby, but I’m still learning every day!

Here is where I share my thoughts about my favorite things, people, plans, memories, and ideas! I love to be creative, but sometimes need inspiration from other areas- all my links are where I get my inspiration from! I love to decorate, cook, coupon, and be a mom and wife! So those are the things my blog will probably focus on!

Come join me and share your favorite things with me too!

So enjoy! And leave me comments!!! And come back!! :o)