So, I don’t know if my take on this is really considered a fall wreath or not, but I’m loving it anyway! I mentioned before that I wanted to make a wreath like this….

I took Christina’s idea for using hot glue instead of floral pins to stick the coffee filters to the wreath, and I also used a different kind of wreath.  My Dollar store was out of foam wreaths, so I used one like this…

As you can see, mine is turning out a little differently! I think because my wreath was skinner? I’m not sure! I didn’t go look at Christina’s before I started, and just decided to wing it! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, although I think I would’ve been happy too if I had done it more like hers, which is much, much fluffier!

Here is how it turned out! I actually like it better than I thought I would during the process! And looking at how I *should* have done it, I may have liked it better the other way!

But I still like it lots as is! I tied the fabric through one of the loops of the wreath on top, and push-pinned it into the top of the door! Then I hot glued the bow on the bottom! It is hung up on my pantry door, and I love how it fills up big empty space I had no idea what to do with!! The walls on either side of the door are too narrow for much decoration, so it gives that space a little something!

I love how well it matches my kitchen and dining room! I’ll post pictures of those soon so  you can see, as I do the rest of my fall projects!