I absolutely love the change of seasons! It feels like a chance to start over and start fresh!  I love the smells, sounds, and temperature changes that each season brings as well. (Ok so maybe not the cold of winter! It be easier to handle if we got more snow in TN!)

I also love to decorate for each changing season (except for maybe summer since my house is already pretty beachy looking!).

My favorite part of fall has always been the smells! Apple and pumpkin candles, making apple butter and pumpkin cookies. And of course all the Thanksgiving smells!

The problem I run across is that fall colors…..look HORRIBLE in my house!! I usually designate one little area where I put up the standard fake orange pumpkins, a bowl of pinecones with some fake glittery red, yellow, and orange leaves, a little scarecrow or two.

Among all my blue and black decor……ugggghhhh! It doesn’t look great! It didn’t really bother me in the past because I felt like it still got me in the spirit of the season! Now that I’ve been doing some research on fall decor that doesn’t have to be in those bright, primary colors that clash with my house, I’m even more excited about decorating!

Here’s a few projects I have in mind- some of which I’m already starting on and will share once I do them!!

This wreath from Christina at Centsible Savings (who got her idea from The Little Brown House!) is made out of coffee filters and a wreath from the Dollar Tree, not counthing the ribbon, it costs a whopping $1.79!

I already have the wreath, just need the filters (which I need to add to my Publix list so I’ll remember to get them one of the 5 times per week I’m there!!) and the ribbon!

Those Dollar Store Hurricanes I mentioned before have completely taken over in crafty blogland! (I also found this idea through Centsible Savings!)

I currently have the glue drying on my first attempt at one of these! I’ve had some slightly skinnier vases leftover from my wedding for the past 2 years that I have tried to unload at every yardsale I’ve had since then, and I’ve never sold a one!! Now, I’m glad I didn’t! I bought some shorter candle sticks for these, and I need to go buy some larger ones two, I’m thinking two short and one large! I plan to fill them with pinecones and mini pumpkins that I’ll also makeover by doing the next project…….

Ashley’s White Pumpkins
(From Shanty2Chic, two blogging, super crafty sisters that I’m soooo inspired by!)

I’ve already got all the supplies for these adorable babies (except for the twine, which I’m not sure yet will work on my size pumpkins!), and I have already begun to spray paint them! I also have some tiny baby ones that I’ll probably put in the above hurricanes!

Finally,  I’ve started collecting supplies for these beauties, also made by Ashley from Shanty2chic!

Ashley’s Apothecary Jars

Again, I have almost everything but the jute twine, and I’m saving these for last out of all these projects since I think they will take the most time! I’m also not sure yet if I’m painting them black or Heirloom white! And they’ll be filled with something less Halloween-ish!

I’ve got lots of other projects up my sleeves including several for baby girl’s room! Although I would’ve had much more time for projects before she was born, it’s probably a good thing I didn’t start reading all these blogs for inspiration until AFTER she was born because I don’t think a preggo should spray paint as much as I’m about to! 🙂

Speaking of spray paint, here’s a great source of info on how to spray paint by Centsational Girl!