As the big day approaches, lots of details are being finalized!

We ordered bubbles from The Knot and they look great! That was the only place we could find the blue bottles- at least for a decent price! We ordered 4 boxes and they got here really quickly!

Can’t wait to see the bubbles flying al around! They will be passed out by my adorable little cousins, Jordan and Anthony (whose little brother is my ring bearer!) after our cake reception exit!

Then at our dinner reception- we ^might* be using sparklers. We have them, but not sure how to get them all lit quickly!! Any ideas anyone?? For the kids we have glow sticks from Target and Michael’s that they can wave around instead of playing with fire!

My next post will also be about something ordered from The Knot that I am also SUPER happy with!! Aside from hating their online database- loving the stuff I’ve ordered from them!!!