Ok….don’t yell at me anyone….but the cake for my cake reception is still TBD just a couple weeks out!! No worries though, I have lots of ideas that I’ll be working on with my cake maker (and friend!) Cake by dake this week! I have full confidence in her abilities! :o)

These are a couple of my current inspiration ideas……….

Too late for the topper, I think, but I am loving this “water effect” which I might get Jen to add some sand to on the top…..possibly along with this cake topper from Target. More confident in Target’s ability to get me this quickly than the random websites and eBayer’s selling the starfish!


My cake layers will all be separate, so I’m thinking maybe just the white and blue “water” fondant for those, with maybe some white chocolate or fondant seashells? Definitely want to keep it simple!!

This, of course, is all separate from my cupcakes, much talked about by me on this blog!! But just in case your just coming around to reading this……here’s my cupcakes for my dinner reception from Cakes by Shara.