Awhile ago, I picked out these shoes to wear on my wedding day……

Cute, comfortable, sensible and affordable- Payless ($14.99)……but they just aren’t me!

Ever since I bought them several months ago, I’ve still been searching!

Then, I was inspired by my new blogging friend Linda and her “something blue” shoes she’ll be wearing on her big day coming up very soon!

So I began a search for blue, sparkly shoes and found these at New York & Co.

(They are actually a little less bright than the pic shows them to be!!)

Since my mom wasn’t too thrilled with me wearing blue flip flops down the aisle, I got some silver ones too….

However, I am way more in love with the blue! It remains to be seen which ones will be on my feet down the aisle, but if the silver ones are, those blue babies will definitely be with me out on the dance floor later!! :o) Both pairs together cost $15 (on sale 2 for $15) so two pairs cost what the other one pair cost!

Now, my feet are finally happy!!! Plus with those others, you wouldn’t see the cute pedicure that you know I’ll be rocking on the big day!!

I realize not all people will think it’s appropriate to wear flip flops at a wedding, but it is BEACH themed! And it’s MY wedding! So this is one area where I’ll put my foot down (hehe!) and wear flip flops!!