T minus 100………


Yipes!! When I look at it that way, I’M SCARED!!!!! There is still so much to do!!!!! Less than 100 days until the big day!!!!!

My to do list-

– Finish entering guest list on line
– Find guys’ attire
– Order invites
– Decide cake design
– Bridesmaid dresses altered
– My dress altered
– Decide on reception food (the $11,000 proposal I got the other day is NOT ok!!!)
– Find more candy for candy buffet
– Move Ray into our new place….start moving some of my stuff in!
– Find shoes for flower girls
– Find shoes for bridesmaids
– Plan out of town baskets (we will have a LOT!)
– Think of more things to add to to-do list!!!

YIPES!!! :o) Everyone keeps telling me how much I have done….but there’s still soooo much more to do!!!!! This is a full time job!! But worth every moment! (well, most moments!!)