Now that all of my bridesmaids have received their little packages, I can blog about it! :o)

I prepared a little package with a few little gifts for all my girls, and included a letter with important wedding details and time lines. I LOVE all my girls, and don’t know what I’d do with out any one of them! I’m so excited to have them all stand by me on my big day!! I always wondered what I would do after having been in TEN weddings as a bridesmaid, but they’ve all made it pretty easy for me! There was no question when it came down to it, of who I wanted standing by me on that big day!!

I’ve been collecting LOTS of stuff for my girls– some of which I won’t mention here since they won’t get them for awhile, but I will tell you where I’m picking up some of it! :o)

This is what I included in the package I just sent them all!

I got some fun stamps at  The Dollar Tree which I used to decorate the envelopes that I put the letters in and also the outside packaging, the cute paper was also from The Dollar Tree, left over from my letters to my 5th grade students last year. I got nail files (regular and matchbook style) and bridesmaid luggage tags at JoAnn’s (which I got way back, but saw them today when I was there!), Cocktails for Dummies from Target (so much fun and Linda’s fave gift!),  and also included my Save the Date magnets.

I’ve gotten lots of other stuff for them at Michael’s (the same day I got the stuff for the kid’s table), Target’s One Spot Section, more stuff from JoAnn’s, and much more!! And stuff for my flower girl’s too!

Speaking of those places, I’ve also bought some stuff lately to help keep me organized! I found lately I can’t have enough notepads, sticky notes and file organizers! I’ve always loved sticky notes for school, but I find myself using them all over the place to write small to-do lists or important reminders! There is SOOO much to do, it’s impossible to keep up with it all!

Here’s some stuff I’ve gotten recently…

The striped file folder and adorable citronella candles (for me, not oranizing!) for $2.50 from Target’s spot section. Everything else is from JoAnn’s – they have $1 items in the front by the checkout, and by fabrics. I got black and pink file organizers and labels, note pad, sticky notes, and cute little blue emery boards.

Kerri says I’ll buy anything if it’s a dollar…..not true, I’ve learned to pick the good stuff out, but you are way more likely to see me spend $30 on 30 things, than $30 on one thing!! :o) And why not with all the cute stuff out there!!

Speaking of Target and my current love/hate relationship (love shopping there, hating registering there and about to take it down!), if you’ve never seen this site, it is a must for Target lovers!!  Great blog– Slave to Target