Whew!!! My magnets came in last week from Vistaprint and I am PERFECTLY pleased with them! Except for the fact that there was no notice on my apartment door that they were here! I knew they were though because of online tracking, so I popped in the office to ask about them, and there they were!! The last time I ordered from Vistaprint, it ended up in my mailbox! This would’ve fit, but it was REALLY heavy, so maybe that’s why it ended up in the office!

At any rate, they turned out perfectly! I really wanted to do them for CHEAP because they’re only a pre-invitation, and it turns out for EVERYTHING, including mailing them, I’m spending about $100! Yippppeeee! The magnets themselves were around $40 for 200, and I picked up the rest of the supplies at OfficeMax. I got some plain white invitation envelopes, and these great preforated post cards- 4 to a sheet- with blue outlining. Typed up the details and note on the computer, printed them out and used restickable double sided tape to stick the magnets on the cards. They turned out exactly how I imagined! Wait….BETTER than I’d imagined since my original idea was to go with cardstock, and then use the papercutter at my school to make them each sheet into 4 cards!

You might notice the mailing seals in the picture…..they didn’t make it! I’d planned to print our monogram on them and use them as envelope seals. I didn’t realize until a few minutes later that they are the ones that fold over, so they were a no-go! :o( I searched high and low at several craft stores for appropriate envelope seals, but they were all pretty tacky and/or expensive! So much for that! I ended up buying some foam letter stamps and blue ink and stamping an “H” where the seal would’ve gone! I’m not so worried about it being formal!


The work wasn’t too hard….and I’m pretty satisfied with the overall result…..however…I’m thinking of not DIY-ing  my invites!! I’m getting some friends to help me out with several options, and might just put it all off on someone else! I have better things to worry about!! Like DIYing my flowers! :o) THAT I’m excited about! And I couldn’t even spell my sis-in-law’s name right on the Save the Date (good ole “engagement” brain!!), so I think I need to have nothing to do with that on the invites!!

*Ummmm……it seems that wordpress has reformatted everything and I canNOT find the spell check button anymore!! Anyone know where it went??! Ahhh! It was my friend! :o( *