or or neither??

So, Ray and I are full-on into registry mode! I didn’t realize so many people would be asking about it so soon, so we are getting at it as fast as we can! We’re already totally set on Bed, Bath & Beyond and getting everything we can there! So far we’ve nailed down our bedroom linens, bathroom stuff, china, and lots of kitchen gadgets. We haven’t chosen lots of decorative stuff, or any basic kitchen theme stuff- pot holders, dish towels, everyday dishes, etc. I wasn’t crazy about any of what they have, so I thought we’d do Target. However, in talking to several recent brides, I’ve hardly heard one good thing about their return policies and their registry updates! In the store they even tell you it takes up to 3 hrs for it to update online. Every thing at BB&B is real time updates, they have NO problems with exchanges even without receipts, and they even give cash for returned items. I’ve heard nothing but good about that store!

I have had hassles in the past with returning stuff at Target. They only allow you two returns a year without a receipt- even when you are just getting store credit! And I tend to get lots of gifts from there! I looooooove the store! I’ve mentioned lots of good stuff I’ve found there on my blog already! But I do hate their return policy! I’ve been stuck with two pairs of the same shoes from Kerri’s wedding, well since last summer!! They still have them, still regular price and they’ve never been worn and I can’t return them!! Keep meaning to get Ray to do it for me, but until then, they sit in my trunk!

I know that Walmart is getting tougher on returns, but I’m just wondering about their wedding gift return policy and how good their registry is. I did think it was kinda ghetto to register at Walmart, but hey-that’s where I do a lot of my shopping on a regular basis. They are getting much cuter stuff in the home sections, and some of the stuff I actually like better than Target! And I’ve heard lots of people say lately that they WISH they’d registered at Walmart- at least just to get the gift cards!

So, what’s a girl to do?! I do have several things on my Target registry, but the only thing I just can’t do without from there are these picture frames….


 (plus a few more!)

which go oooooh so well with our Nautica bedspread we picked out (Ray’s favorite thing of ALL! He loves Nautica like I love Roxy!)

(believe me, I will totally girlie this up!! :o) )

Do I stick with Target? Or drop it for Walmart? I’d like to give people more choices than just BB&B, and I’m not too fond of registering at any department stores, which I never shop at otherwise!