Still debating doing the flip flop thing….but I don’t want to hear that actual “flip, flop” going down the aisle! So I’m looking into other options, including these which I found at Payless today for $14.99…

I know, not fancy, nothing special….but since I sprained an ankle and tore a ligament in my foot last year….I desperately need comfy shoes on my big day!

At at DSW, found these (in navy) for the Bridesmaids which are $34.99….

Or maybe these from Target– Had them in black for Kerri’s wedding, but I could only squeeze my poor foot in flip flops since I’d just gotten out of a cast 5 days before the wedding! ;o(  They’re only $16.99! Wow, I could bring my girls in under $100 for their whole outfit plus flowers!!

Here’s to more happy feet!!