It has been decided!!! We are going to COSTA RICA for our honeymoon!!!! We booked our hotel last night for 7 days in beautiful Tamarindo, Costa Rica!! All that’s left to do is book our flight!! And actually go!!!

We spent LOTS of time looking into all-inclusives in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. It was hard at first to decide. There are so many pluses and minuses about all-inclusives. Plus- you don’t have to worry about other expenses while you are there except for shopping and extra activities. Minus- you probably won’t get to eat anywhere but the resort or experience true cultural food because why go out and pay when your food at the resort is already paid for. Having food taken care of is great, but some all-inclusive food is just so-so.

We found what may be a perfect combination. Our hotel is almost all-inclusive- but doesn’t include dinner except for 2 nights during the week. That means we get to go out and explore the town of Tamarindo and eat wherever we want!

Our hotel is Los Altos de Eros, and it is a small inn that only has 6 rooms!! There are way too many amazing details for me to include them all here! But they have included breakfast and lunch every day, Dinner on Tues. and Sat., complimentary transportation to beaches, activities, shopping, restaurants, complimentary smoothies, beer and wine, indoor/outdoor showers (gorgeous!), infinity edge pool, and offers an amazing view with beautiful sunsets overlooking the jungle and the ocean.

We are sooooooooo excited about going there!! If you are interested in more info, read up on the reviews on Trip Advisor– they even link to it from their website! And read all the info on their own site. The guest pictures on Trip Advisor and reviews of food, location, etc. are what sealed the deal for us!

They were even quick to respond to our reservation requests via email! It’s a little less formal than most hotels and a lot more personal since they only have 6 other rooms which means max 12 guests at a time!

I’m also doubly excited because it just so happens that this month I am teaching my students about Costa Rica (we study a different country each month!), and I’ve been showing them a video of Samantha Brown’s Passport to Latin America from the Travel Channel. I highly suggest watching ANY of her stuff! She’s just so darn cute and goes to the best places! Her job=my dream job! Although, I’d do it with much better Spanish! Haha! In the episode we’ve been watching, she goes to Guanacaste, Costa Ricaand then takes a trip to the town of Tamarindo- where our hotel is! She even goes to and suggests going to Lola’s, a restaurant right on the beach the hotel suggests visiting! I’m soooooo excited!! I can’t wait to tell my students that I’m going there too!! More importantly, I can’t wait to just go!!! :o)